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Veterans Memorial Lula, Ga.
Veterans Memorial dedication ceremonies

Dedication Ceremony • Slideshow (1) is a pictorial of the opening day ceremony celebrating not only the opening of the Veterans Park, but offering the communities heartfelt thanks to all the veterans who have given so much to our great country.

The segments to follow will provide the sequence of images depicting how, from the dedication, a project to memorialize our history with a mural began to take shape, the concept and design, all the way through the actual application of the design.

I first conceptualized this painting as a community project. During the ribbon cutting I realized that the back of the veterans wall was an area in which trees would be planted, and benches installed, providing areas of shade and quiet in which one could view a history in pictures and contemplate our countries innate sense of the goodness of its people; its strength and resolve in the face of adversity. An 8 foot by 90 foot blank canvas; There is nothing more attractive to an artist than painting a blank canvas, and painting large even more so.

I immediately envisioned the impact it could have on visiting children if the art actually provided an avenue for discussion of key points in American history.

I was able to talk with Dennis Bergman, Lula City Manager, and Vicki Campbell, historian and council member, about the possibility of such a project first being something of community interest, but also how to do it within city guidelines.

From that meeting, the project grew. As I continue posting, visitors can watch each step of the project as it takes shape, and followers of this blog can post their opinions, ideas, and most of all, those who wish to volunteer to work on this worthy artistic project can easily do so. (Contact/comments and volunteer applications at: Screaming Eagles Art Blog or Here)

Revolutionary War

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Segment One (1 of 9) : Revolutionary War - War of Independence

This is the first of nine images that will be used for reference in the application of a mural on the Lula, Georgia, Veterans Memorial Park standing wall.

Each of the nine paintings are 8 x 10 inches in size, and at a 1 inch to 1 foot scale can easily be transferred to the 8 x 90 foot wall. However, since the project will be done by volunteers, and the skill levels of each individual will vary, I've decided to scan the paintings, and digitally repaint each in a more graphic, comic book style, providing an easier road map to follow. I will then create an outline version of each of the main segments which will make the transfer to the wall even easier to accurately apply.

This first segment relates to the War of Independence, or "The Revolutionary War", and the content reflects some of the well known icons that have become synonymous with that time period.

The Revolutionary Soldier stands holding the musket, with the flag of the thirteen colonies as a backdrop. The Presidential Seal floats above the flag, while underneath rides Paul Revere sounding the alarm, riding past the church in Philadelphia, with two lanterns lighting the upper windows to warn those watching for the sign.

The symbol of the rattlesnake with the words "Join or Die" below was the rallying cry for a call to arms, and to the right the "Military Order of the Purple Heart," the first of which was presented by George Washington, the first President of the United States.

This entire series will be sure to trigger many history discussions, and will be a good learning tool for the children who visit the location.

American Civil War

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Segment Two (2 of 9) : American Civil War

Second of nine images

Features President Abraham Lincoln, the content of the first page of the Emancipation Proclaimation, a Confederate Soldier on horseback, and Union Soldiers firing a canon.

World War 1, The Great War
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Segment Three (3 of 9) : World War I

Third of nine images

This segment contains reference to the Sopwith Camel, which has been called one of the best ariel fighters of the time.

The Mark I - V model tank, developed to over run trenches and break through lines, would have been a common sight throughout the war, the RMS Lusitania sent to the ocean bottom, a couple of typical soldiers of the era, and the first use of the "Uncle Sam" character that would in time become an icon identified with the United States government.

It is likely there will be additional images added as even more thought goes into the development of the project.

Those areas, serving as gateways to expanding discussions in their respective areas of interest, will have visitor interactivity added , and we will try to post updates as we move toward that goal.

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