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Unit Information, service designation goes here.

Note: It is not required that members be in the military or to have been in the past. Many reenactors, family of Airborne, artists whose art is focused on the Airborne community, and many others with a desire to be a part of this site are welcome. We do not have any direct military or government link. We do, however, hope to provide an interesting experience as this site evolves, and we're sure it will take some interesting turns.

This area should contain the background information the member would like to impart to visitors. Although we are not suggesting any particular word number limits, obviously we would prefer it to be able to be contained on a single page.

We will post it as we receive it, although we will review content and run a basic spell check. As to grammar, syntax, and sentence structure, we hope that is done by the person submitting. However, if we see something that is obviously in need of correction, and time permits, we will help as best we can. Keep in mind... your humble webmaster is an artist by trade; writing is not my primary skill.

If a member has an off site blog, web site, or other source of information relating to his or her personal page, feel free to include that content.

We ask that personal, political, or religious opinions, and any other potentially controversial content be presented at a location other than this site. These are fairly simple guidelines, and as we develop and expand the site and its services, we reserve the right to change content or site structure in any way in which we feel benefits members, ease of use of site, (note the use of a larger type font) often using member suggestions.

It is our hope that this member biography page is accepted as an asset for those who register for, and use, our email service. It will also help, depending on the content of the information each member provides, those searching for a particular individual. If you (the member) wish to be found by old friends and military brothers and sisters, provide all the ways you wish to be contacted.

If you are a person who only wishes to provide unit information, or name information, or no information at all, that is a personal choice. If you wish to include a photo, whether recent or from the past, as an individual or a family unit, we will guide you on how to get it to us and even provide help on obtaining the optimum size and best visual results as time permits.

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