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MILITARY ART... by J. Satterwhite

PORTRAITS - Galleries 1 thru 4
(How to Commission a Portrait)

Four portrait galleries are avaiable. Works displayed in this gallery area exhibit different mediums and styles, from traditional portrait painting using oils on canvas, through acrylics, water colors, pencil/graphite, and digital painting.

ILLUSTRATIONS - Galleries 1 thru 4
(How to Commission an illustration)

These galleries contain art that often uses photography as a foundation or source of reference. Artists no longer need the chemical lab background that was required before the digital revolution. When an artist blends traditional art skills with an ability to work digitally, interesting things happen. The connection to the digital world provides the vehicle to display an artists work quickly and cost effectively.

Although digital painting isn't done with oil paints, it's finished visual appearance is remarkably similar. This art isn't done with the push of a button or other short cut digital trickery, (which is usually quickly identified by knowledgeble visitors) but is created brush stroke by brush stroke in the same style used when painted using traditional methods.

It is a common and accepted practice to provide digital compositions, basic thumbnails and color layouts for commercial clients as part of the estimate process, and for reference in paintings and personal projects. Years of evolution of the artists digital painting technique led to a look and style that stands on it's own merits, maintains stylistic identity of the artist, and clients more and more often view them as finished works.

PHOTO RESTORATIONS - Galleries 1 thru 3
(How to Commission a restoration)

Protect that one of a kind, priceless, irreplaceable slice of history. We repair torn and damaged photographs and documents. Adjusting, adding, moving colors? Is it an old hand colored tintype? ....and a poorly done one, of course. It's not just sun damage that harms photographs, but how it is displayed, what kind of frame, matte, and if the glass touches the photo; even the geographic location, (the tropics or the far north) matters greatly.

If tropical weather in the 80° to 100° range is the norm, a framer would be thinking about how to avoid or off set the effects mold growth, or to try to mitigate the effects of humity. Or if (minus) -50° is normal to the local inhabitants, the storage, preservation and display requirements are very different.

What is a Giclee print?

A Giclee (zhee-CLAY) is a high-resolution reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork and combines the use of professional grade large format printers with archival pigmented inks, archival papers or artists canvas.
This method of reproduction produces prints that are superior to traditional lithography. The colors are brighter, longer lasting (100+ years) with a resolution so high that prints are virtually continuous toned; and with a wider color gamut (range) the amount of detail produced has now become the standard for archival, museum quality printed art.

To best care for art prints, do not display it in direct sunlight. It is always best to frame all prints, ideally under UV filtering glass.


Throughout the Screaming Eagles Art web site, you will find not only an assortment of fine art, but works of graphic design, illustrations, and even an occasional foray into lowbrow, edgy, odd and unusually strange works that even the artist can't (or won't) explain. Most of the art displayed is available in various sizes as Giclee art prints. If you, the viewer, are interested in the purchase of an original work, please contact the artist regarding procedure, cost, time, etc.

Working in oil on canvas, acrylics, watercolor, pencil, and mixed media, the artist has painted landscapes and architectural art, portraiture, animal and pet art, military and spiritual themes, fantasy and floral art, and even humorous and serious art where the statement is as important as the art; well, almost as important.
And, commissions are accepted depending on availability of the time, interest in the subject matter, and medium requested.

The art, photography, and illustrations displayed within this site are primarily focused on works featuring the Screaming Eagles, but will include expanding content exhibiting a great number of other military branches and support groups.

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