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1) To reserve your name choice, GO HERE and complete the form.

2) When your name request is received and confirmed, we notify you with an email to both your current mailing address, and your new Screaming Eagles address, reserving your new address and password.

3) Clicking "Reply" (to the mail in your Screaming Eagles mail box) and sending that return email verifies the address you have reserved functions both in the "send" and "receive" operating modes.

4) Begin your 30 day trial period.

30 Day FREE TRIAL - Use your @ScreamingEagles.com e-mail for thirty days. After the trial period, subscriptions are priced at:
• $30 - 1 year
• $75 - 3 year
• $100 - 5 year

When you have received your "username" and "password", you will need them to log into your e-mail account. (Contact us if you do not received them.)

With your username and password, you can access your e-mail account from any computer and at any location by going directly to the Web Mail Login page.

To begin using your email:

1) Go to your e-mail LOGIN PAGE (Be sure to bookmark this location to Favorites)

2) Enter username: YourName
3) Enter password: YourName

4) Click on the "Login" button and you will be taken to your mail box.

Remember to change your password as soon as you're comfortable with your new address. It should contain at least 8 to 12 characters with a mix of upper and lower case alphabet with some numbers (no spaces)

Not sure how to set up your email access from your current email program? Here is a list of video tutorials showing "how to" for over twenty of the most used email programs available .
Video Tutorials

Here is a list of written setup instructions:
Text Instructions

How to enable SMTP authentication - or - getting your mail the way you usually do: Using Your email Program

If you do not understand the instructional tutorials and need more help with your e-mail setup, call the NetSol help desk at: 1-877-522-6119

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